Exchanges and Returns

We offer our customers, quality products, new and with the certificate of origin. To keep the conquered credibility and achieve consumer satisfaction, we created a policy of Exchange and Return on the basis of the consumer defense rights.

It is important to be aware of description, specification, colors, size and voltage of the product, to avoid problems with your purchase.

Refuse the receipt of the product and contact the service center if:

  • The product is faulty.

  • The package is violated.

  • Note the absence of any item or accessory.

  • Disagreement of the request made.

  • Lack or difference between the receipt and the product received.


The product may not present any evidence of use or improper installation, the return is accepted only if the product is showing perfect condition and in exactly the form that was sent to the client. It is extremely important a good packaging, to return the goods with quality because when the return, will be analyzed at the entrance, and if damaged, will not be accepted.
It is very important that the product is not damaged or modified, make sure that the product is exactly the way it was announced on the website at the time of your purchase.
We will not accept return or exchange of products handled.

The return of the goods shall be made in the original packaging. The reimbursement of the freight value only occurs when the cause of the Exchange or refund its Qualy Air`s fault. By mistake the client will be charged for the freight value at the time of the return of the product. Qualy Air will only be liable for the cost of return if identified error on the part of the company, otherwise all costs should be the responsibility of the client.

The Exchange or refund, if necessary, will only proceed after receipt of the product and review by Qualy Air. The maximum time for the solution of a problem by law is of 30 days, the Qualy Air search solutions in the shortest time possible, where we have a team specialized in order to minimize the inconvenience caused to our customers.

Goods with differences over the brand and model should be informed within 7 days, after this time we are not responsible for the Exchange.

Withdrawal or regret

The consumer has up to 30 calendar days to regret the purchase and communicate the withdrawal to the shopkeeper.

For acceptance of the withdrawal will be necessary for: Performed by means of contact with the customer service, by e-mail or phone within 10 calendar days after the receipt of the product. The merchandise must be in its original packaging, without traces of use/wear, without violating the original manufacturer’s seal, accompanied by receipt, manual and all their accessories.

Writing in his own hand on the back of the Receipt, the reason for the cancellation.

If the above requirements are not fulfilled, we will not be obliged to accept the cancellation of the purchase. In this case, the product picked up by our couriers will be returned to you at the delivery address, accompanied by the report on the problem found, without refund, and the return will be canceled.

The right of repentance leads to the undoing of the purchase and, as well as the consumer is entitled to a refund of the amounts paid, the supplier has the right to receive the product intact, able to be sold again, not being admitted to any evidence of use or damage to the product, its components or its packaging.

All products are analyzed. They will be returned to the client whenever it is not observed any defect, or if you have been refused one of the conditions described in the topic of withdrawal.


If in the Act of receiving there is the perception of any transport damage, refuse delivery and contact our customer service center.

Defective product

The exchange request must be communicated to the service in until 10 calendar days from the date of receipt. If the purchased product fails after 10 days from the date of receipt, but within the manufacturer’s warranty, you should contact the manufacturer to report the occurrence and obtain clarifications or apply to a service accredited by the manufacturer, as indicated in the manual. Products must be returned, preferably in its original packaging. It is essential that the original manufacturer’s seal is intact, and that the goods have receipt, manual and all the accessories.


The refund of the amount paid will be held if it is approved in the analysis carried out on the product in our distribution center, considering the criteria described above. This refund will be held as payment option.